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Our cheeses have been acknowledged and won awards for being among the best in the world in various editions of the most prestigious international cheese event “World Cheese Awards”, receiving a total of four silver medals and five bronze medals on an international level.

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Palancares Alimentación has a wide range of products that are primarily made on the basis of goat milk. Cheeses with the Denomination of Origin of Cheeses from Murcia like our popular “Cheese from Murcia” and “Wine marinated Cheese from Murcia”.

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Palancares Alimentación have achieved many important certificates for quality and food safety, making them the lead produce company in Spain in achieving these, since the new requirements in Food Defence came into force.

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To provide the world with healthy and nourishing dairy products and by-products hereof.
To do this, we aim at:

-Developing the national Spanish quota, making targeted effort in exportation and focusing on partnerships for internationalisation.

-mproving our competitive solutions, both for cheeses and for other by-products.

-Unifying and strengthening the brand.

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To be a global benchmark company in the food and nutrition sector, based firmly on the pillars of innovation, brand and competitiveness. We are devoted to the long term creation of value and future for both our clients, vendors, employees, society and stakeholders.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]


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To work for the values that have determined our identity, in order to look towards the future with all possible guarantees.

Excellence · Effort · Passion· Hard work · Closeness · Humility · Integrity · Common sense