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Palancares Alimentación is a company dedicated to making cheese and other dairy by-products, located in Bullas (Murcia), equipped with state of the art technology, having implemented procedures that allow the assurance of quality and techno-food safety, contributing to the high quality of their cheeses, which is as highly appreciated by the consumer as it is valued by the experts of the field.

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Murcia heads the ranking of Spanish regions when it comes to the production of goat cheese, and it comes second in the rest of categories, which is proof of the excellent products sold from this autonomous region, and especially from Palancares. In fact, in the last two consecutive years three of their products have been named the best valued in the category of Denomination of Origin in the most important international cheese event, World Cheese Awards, standing out from more than 2600 cheeses, from 35 countries around the world in the latest edition. The silver and bronze medals awarded to these products position Palancares as one of the most innovative of the cheese sector on a global level.

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Palancares Alimentación has a wide range of products that are primarily made on the basis of goat milk. The tradition of handcrafted cheese of this company, which is a pioneer in the foundation of the Council of the Denomination of Origin of Cheese from Murcia, allows them to produce the cheeses protected by this denomination, the popular “Cheese from Murcia” and “Wine marinated Cheese from Murcia” which are included in the consortium of 100 cheeses of Spain, the ones that make up an important part of the Spanish gastronomical identity. Furthermore Palancares make fresh cheeses with and without salt, tender cheeses, semi-cured, and cured cheeses, all of them very highly valued, and in different formats and presentations.

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Currently, and due to the high demand from people who enjoy taking care of themselves, Palancares is strongly committed to creating innovative solutions with healthy products at the centre of that commitment (Low on salt, Lactose free, Light, etc.). A clear example of this is the “Sannum” line, which is the first range of lactose free cheeses, a fact that has broken new ground on the market.

Furthermore, another important development that gives Palancares a commercial advantage is a complete range of imported products, primarily with their origins in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

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