Passion for our cheeses

The value of our work

The main base that supports our company are our farmers, with their great experience and knowledge are part of each production process to try that the food we provide is as careful as possible and not lose the artisan touch that identifies us so much.

We have cutting-edge technology for the production of all our cheeses, mixing the traditional with the improvements provided by technological advances.

The quality of our products and the care we take over every detail in the production process make us a different and unique brand. We take care of the artisan tradition that has been given to us from previous generations so that you and the whole family can enjoy the same flavours as always.

We want to differentiate ourselves from the current way of making cheese through values such as commitment to our land and our workers.

Quality guarantee

Palancares Alimentación has a wide range of products made mainly from goat’s milk. The artisan tradition of the company, pioneer in the constitution of the council of denomination of origin of cheese of Murcia, allows it to produce the cheeses protected by this denomination, the popular “Cheese of Murcia” and “Cheese of Murcia to the wine”, included in the consortium of the 100 cheeses of Spain, those that form our gastronomic identity.

Our products come from the native goat because of our insistence on taking care of the land and traditional values. Not just any goat, only our native goats are capable of offering us Palancares cheeses.

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At Palancares we are aware that the needs of our consumers change and evolve very quickly, which is why we try to offer the best products based on an exercise in constant improvement. We use resources, technology and studies according to the new trends and innovation in food.


We have the advances in infrastructures and machinery of last generation necessary to offer products of the maximum quality adjusted to the demand of our consumers. We are committed to the avant-garde in the production and process, and to tradition in the result of a cheese with a unique taste, the same as always.

Compromise with our customers

Nowadays, and given the great demand for products aimed at people who enjoy taking care of themselves, Palancares is strongly committed to innovative solutions where healthy products stand out (Low Salt, Lactose Free, Light, etc), a clear example is its “Sannum” range, which has been the first family of Spanish cheeses without lactose, a fact that has been an absolute novelty in the market.

Our quality, your safety

The International Food Standard ( IFS V6.1 ) and the British Retail Consortium ( ISSUE 8 ), entities of international prestige, guarantors of the food safety before, during and after the elaboration of the products, have granted these relevant certifications to Palancares Alimentación S.L.



Palancares has passed exhaustive quality controls based on constant evaluations during the production process, to guarantee the confidence in the company, the